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OSCAR The Robot is a high-tech strolling act that attracts and entertains crowds with his witty conversation, music and antics, taking his magic virtually anywhere on your fairgrounds! Performing for up to 6 hours per day, OSCAR greets your guests (in any of 37 languages!), and entertains them while directing them to the midway, commercial and 4-H exhibits, or special events and attractions.

Often playing the electronic pied piper, OSCAR leads families and school groups through agriculture and livestock areas, introducing them to the 4-H and FFA kids, and fielding questions. OSCAR’s data-banks are filled with amazing animal facts, such as Easter egg chickens, swine sunburn, dairy cow donor cud, and honey bee career paths. By integrating the low-tech and the high-tech, the old and the new, OSCAR fascinates people of all ages.

By creating numerous photo opportunities for your guests, OSCAR also attracts the Press – drawing increased coverage and giving interviews.This free publicity makes OSCAR ideal for corporate sponsors (Coca-Cola, Ford and Direct TV, among others), since he wears shirts and hats that display their logos.

OSCAR may even show up in your fair pageant, or judging tomatoes – you never know with OSCAR – that’s part of his magic!

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