The 2024 Annual Convention of the MFCF, Midwest Showman's Association, and the MN State Fair is January 11-14.
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Session Topics

Sessions, Round Tables, Meet and Greets, Open Houses, and more are listed here to be at the Fair Convention in 2024.
The final schedule with dates, times, and descriptions will be posted at a later date soon.
(This list is not an exhaustive list and may be added or amended to at any time.)

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  • What’s on your Mind? - with MFCF Director Troy Beise
  • Meet & Greet with the Midwest Showmen's Association
  • Partnering with Other Governmental Agencies
  • Open Class, Open Class, Open Class
  • Free Activities for all Ages
  • Q and A with the Lobbyist
  • Working with the County Fair Board to Support MN 4-Hers
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Board of Animal Health
  • Event Discussion: Demo Derby
  • Volunteers: Finding and Keeping the Younger Generation
  • State of Minnesota County Fair Grants
  • MN State Fair Hosted Session
  • Electrical Licensing & Inspection
  • ReThink Everything
  • Partnering with Farm Bureau
  • MORE Grant Opportunities
  • Collaboration between your Fairboard and your County Board, what does your relationship look like?
  • Chapter 38
  • Fairboards for 1st Timers!
  • Partnering with the Minnesota Farm Bureau
  • First Aid at your fair and AED training!
  • Crisis Planning: What are you prepared for and how?
  • Bylaws, Open Meeting Law & Board Organization
  • Succession Planning 101
  • Alcohol Awareness Training
  • Electrical Licensing & Inspection
  • Fairboard Treasurer: your position, responsibilities and what your role looks like on the board.
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • ADA Compliance and Service Animal Regulations, Classes and Accommodations
  • All about ENTRY SYSTEMS
  • Cashless Carnival
  • Security at your Fair
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Grandstand Music Entertainment
  • Off Season Events at the Fairgrounds
  • Quickbooks 101
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