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2021 Annual Meeting

MFCF Annual Meeting Delegates & Alternates for Fairs

Use this form to register your Fair's MFCF Delegate(s) and Alternate(s).
The above named, being a duly authorized officer of the above-named organization, certify that the above delegates and alternates have been chosen to represent the above-named organization at a properly noticed and called meeting and that this is a true and correct record of that meeting.

Person filling out this form.

Your Fair's Membership Dues

Each Fair only needs 1 membership
Fair Membership dues
This will pay your Agricultural/organization Membership dues for 1 year to the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs.
Each Fair just needs one!!
MFCF's Lobbyist Donation
Fair dues alone do not cover the lobbyist fee and we will need their services more than ever this year. The suggested amount is $100, which is less than 1% of what each fair will receive in 2021 through the County Fair Ag Grants.
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