The 2025 Annual Convention of the MFCF, Midwest Showman's Association, and the MN State Fair is January 16-19.

Texas Best BBQ

Texas Best BBQ - 903-243-3468
Contact John Dougan of John Dougan Hunts at (903) 243-3468 to book early.

Texas Best BBQ travels around the US visiting County Fairs & Carnivals and other Events. Walk-Ins Welcome, Groups, Great For Kids, Take Out & Catering.

Barbecue by nature is a celebration of carnivorous eating, but nowhere is the meat more important than in Texas, where sauces are served as a side dip and white bread counts as a vegetable. Smoky moist brisket and spicy beef sausage are the highlights here, and sauce – if you MUST – is tomato-based laced with Worcestershire and vinegar.
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