NW Express Railroad

“Gordon is great to work with. His rates are more than fair, he is
well-kempt, responsive, and good with our customers and their kids. He is also quite resilient and flexible.”
-Tom Aldrich
Western Montana Fair

“Mr. Jacobs was part of the Red River Valley Fair in 2019 and provided a strong, family-friendly attraction for all age groups. His train was the highlight for many families as they toured the fairgrounds.”
-Bryan Schultz
Red River Valley Fair Association

“Gordon’s train is top-of-the-line. It’s clean, brand new, and a cool
replica of an old-fashioned steam engine. One of our staffers is, in fact, an avid train hobbyist and was quite impressed. Best of all, it’s
electric!...It’s smooth, quiet, safe, and comfortable. It was an absolute hit!”
-Tom Aldrich
Western Montana Fair

“I hope that the joy people feel riding the Northwest Express Railroad will inspire them to see the world and have their own adventures. -Gordon Jacobs
Founder of Northwest Express Railroad
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1371 North 700 West
Mapleton, UT 84664

(801) 341-9241


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