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The convention will be held January 17-19, 2020, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Bloomington Minneapolis South. As has been the tradition, we will be holding a Showcase on Friday night and Saturday night.

Enclosed are the 2020 Showcase Rules and Regulations and 2020 Technical Specifications. Please review the information, and if you (or an act you manage) would like to be considered, please return the following information:

  • $50.00 check made payable to the MFCF or sign up on the website (see the bottom of this page)
  • 2020 Technical Specifications, including Stage Plot
  • 8 x 10 picture
  • DVD (An EPK is also acceptable)
  • Bio

We hope you will consider being part of the Showcase, one of the most popular events at the convention. It’s a great way for ALL of the member fairs to see who you are! Show them that your act can be a hit at their 2020 fair!

Continue on and you will be able to apply right here online!!

2020 showcase rules


The 2020 Showcase will feature performances on Friday, January 17 and Saturday, January 18. The Showcase will begin at approximately 7:30 p.m. each night.


Alternates may be selected in the event an act cannot perform in its designated time slot.


A $50.00 fee made payable to the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs is required with each application for Showcase. Those acts not selected will be refunded their $50.00 fee after the selection committee has met and made their final selection and placement. The $50.00 fee collected from those selected as alternates will be retained.


To qualify for the 2020 Showcase, an independent act or promotional associate member must have been a member of the MFCF in 2019 as well as be a member in good standing in the current year. A promotional associate member may submit up to but no more than three (3) different acts. Acts are limited to one (1) entry. The contact person and phone number of an act must appear on the 2020 Showcase Technical Specifications to allow the committee the option to contact the act to verify representation of said act.


All applications must be received on or before Thursday, October 31, 2019 .No act may be substituted thereafter. Each application requires a demo DVD, a bio and 8 x 10 photo for each act. A link to an online video or EPK may also be provided.

The selection committee will meet in early November to make the final selections.


No solicitation will be allowed in public areas; acts are encouraged to book a booth in the 2020 MFCF Trade Show.

The MFCF Showcase Committee will establish the schedule, including start times and length of the act.

No act will be chosen to participate in consecutive years.

An act may be submitted for consideration two years after they are chosen. For example, if an act Showcased in 2018, they may reapply for consideration for the 2020 Showcase, providing the independent act or promotional associate has kept their membership with the MFCF current since 2018.

Each Showcase act will be a live performance. No tracks or recorded backup will be allowed without prior approval.

Those selected as Showcase acts will be notified on sound check times. It is expected that each act will stay with the schedule.

An act unable to make their designated performance time will not be allowed to reschedule, but will be replaced by an alternate.

The contracted light and sound agency will have complete control of the equipment for selected acts. Control of light and sound requested by the acts or representation of an act will not be authorized by the MFCF.

Live performances in the hallways, terraces, hotel commons, and trade show area are not permitted.

Sign boards, brochures, fliers or any promotional materials for any agency or independent act are limited to the confines of their respective registered rooms or on the bulletin boards provided. No advertising is to be placed in lobbies, or on the escalators, or on the chairs in the Grand Ballroom.

Tables will be placed inside the doors of the Grand Ballroom to be used for each night’s Showcase acts.

Any act not adhering to these rules and regulations governing the Showcase will not be allowed to participate in the Showcase for three (3) years following the infraction.

All members and support staff of each act chosen will be given “Showcase Act” credentials. This badge will entitle them to be at that day’s Showcase only. Everyone else in support of an act must purchase a registration badge from the MFCF registration room. Badges must be worn at all times except during the act’s Showcase performance.

There is a time limit of 18 minutes maximum - no exceptions!

website application

Showcase Application 2020

By filling this out you agree to abide the MFCF rules
Assocaite Dues
You must be an Assocaite Member to showcase.
Associate Membership Dues
This will pay your Associate Membership dues for 1 year to the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs.
Showcase Fee
Showcase Fee
This is for your showcase fee.
Is the act available on Friday 17, 2020

Is this act available on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Agency - Independent Submitting Application

Equipment; Two (2) stages will be set up with light, all sound and a drum set. A spotlight will also be furnished.List all instruments, props etc. you are bringing.Please indicate your intended placement of this equipment on the stage plot Sent to Tiffany (at the bottom of this form)


Is a piano required for your act?

Number and names of act members and support staff (required to determine Showcase Act credentials needed):
I agree to the terms and conditions
Remember to email the following to Tiffany at mfcf.tiffany@gmail.com

  • Stage Plot
  • 8 x 10 picture
  • DVD(An EPK is also acceptable)
  • Bio

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