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Fair MFCF Annual Dues

Our lobbyist has gotten us grants, Equal share grant & the legacy grant. We are still getting premium reimbursement when they wanted to take it away / Grant money plus this year they got us a sales tax exemption. You can thank them for a minimum of $20,000 a year for your fair!! Help us pay for them.

County Fair annual membership form

This form is your annual MFCF County Fair membership & annual dues form.

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County Fair MFCF Annual Dues
Fair Membership dues
This will pay your Agricultural/organization Membership dues for 1 year to the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs.
Each Fair just needs one!!
Donations for Lobyist
Donation for MFCF's Lobbyist
MFCF's Lobbyist Donation
MFCF's Lobbyist Donation
You can donate whatever amount you would like.
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