The 2023 Annual Convention of the MFCF, Midwest Showman's Association, and the MN State Fair is January 12-15.

ATV Big Air Tour



450cc Highflying Freestyle ATV's, Upside-down Dirtbike backflips, the Big Air BMX Team, and just wait until you see what we do with a 1,300 lb Polaris UTV!

The ATV Big Air Tour is a 90-minute choreographed performance of Professional Thrill-Seekers riding a daring course of 12ft tall steel ramps placed 75 feet apart. The stakes are high but the thrill & excitement are higher!

Don't miss this mind-blowing Moto-Entertainment performance and get face to face with top professional riders after the show.

THE ATV BIG AIR TOUR is performed by trained professionals and is meant for entertainment purposes only- please do not try this at home.


The ATV Big Air story started in 2004 and we have been on an epic ride ever since! We took something that we loved as kids, lived out our dreams traveling all over the world, and beginning in 2014 created an all-out, nationwide tour that we are proud of.

We strive to become better every year because we love what we do & wowing you is our #1 focus.

Our business is family owned and operated and when we come to your town, you become part of the ATV Big Air Tour family too.

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